Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions


Are Ichnos Archipelago watches water-resistant?

Yes, all watches in the Archipelago Collection are water resistant.

Will it be necessary to change the battery?

All watches in the Archipelago Collection are equipped with automatic mechanical movements powered by wrist movement.


How does the pre-order work?

From the moment you have made the pre-order of your onlytime Ichnos Archipelago, the process of production and assembly will officially begin.

Given the technical times of production of all the components and their subsequent assembly, each piece of the Limited Edition Ichnos Arcipelago cannot be shipped before 31 July 2022.

Will I receive an order tracking number?

Once the package has been processed by our logistics, you will receive an email with a tracking code of your order, to monitor the delivery time of the shipment.

What is included in my order?

When you buy a piece of the Limited Edition Ichnos Archipelago, you buy a single-time man equipped with Supercompressor® technology, that will be delivered, to the address you choose, enclosed in an elegant wooden box. Your Ichnos Archipelago also comes with a Mesh strap (steel bracelet) and a Tropical SeaCult strap to match your choice between two of our proposals.

Obviously in the wooden box you will also find the Libello with the Guarantee, the tools and instructions for proper maintenance of your Ichnos Archipelago.

Can I buy an Ichnos watch from an authorized dealer?

Until now, no ICHNOS WATCHES retailers have been authorized yet. If you want to buy a watch of our brand you can only do so through shop online.

Can I buy an Ichnos watch from outside the EU?

For now, purchases made from the online shop outside the European Community are not yet available, but you can write to to request to purchase our products as an alternative to the official online shop.


I purchased on your website

If you purchased an Ichnos Watches product directly on our website, the warranty covers defects that appear within two years of the original purchase date (for more details, see our Terms and Conditions). Contact us at and we will provide you with all the assistance you need. We may ask you for your order number as proof of purchase, in addition to the paper guarantee.

What is excluded from the warranty?

The warranty does not cover any damage, abuse or tampering that you may have caused to your watch. For example, it does not cover damage caused by water due to your negligence (for example if you dip your watch in water without closing the crowns), normal wear, accidental damage to the glass, scratches, strap damage or theft. A proof of purchase and paper guarantee are required for all complaints and warranty service requests. In any case, our Customer Service is always available to provide you with assistance and further information.

I have a problem with my watch, what should I do?

If your watch has a problem, please contact Ichnos Watches Customer Service at We will give you instructions on how to behave in relation to the type of problem and all the necessary assistance.

I have to make a return. How to proceed?

We recommend wrapping the watch head in soft paper or other recyclable materials. Then, put it in a package, which should be small enough to allow the packaging of the head to fit perfectly, so as to prevent it from moving inside the box during transport.

I changed my mind, how soon can I cancel my order?

You can exercise the right of withdrawal within 30 days from the date of receipt of the product ordered.

Learn how to return by reading the Terms and Conditions.